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"The characteristic temperament of the Siberian Husky is friendly and gentle, but also alert and outgoing. He does not display the possessive qualities of the guard dog, nor is he overly suspicious of strangers or aggressive with other dogs. Some measure of reserve and dignity may be expected in the mature dog. His intelligence, tractability, and eager disposition make him an agreeable companion and willing worker."
from: The Standard for Siberian Huskies (AKC, FCI)
A closer look at the characteristics mentioned in the standard:

Alert and curious or ............... strong willed and independant?
- Friendly and gentle Non-agressive, open to people and other dogs
- Alert and curious Keen, likes to discover and explore
- Outgoing Happy with almost everybody
- Reserve and dignity Well, not with all
- Intelligence Solving problems
- Tractability Easy to keep outdoors and in a pack
- Eager disposition Cooperative, when convinced
- Willing worker Pulling hard in harness

Not officially recorded in the standard, but definitely Siberian Husky traits:

- Mischievous Doing those things you do not want them to do
- Strong willed/independent Ignoring commands, goes its own way
- Sensitive Offended when shouted at, easily in pain
- Puller Born to run and pull, regardless your tennisarm.
Close to nature:
- Hunter
- Pack Animal
- Hierarchical
- Digger
- Singer/vocal
Doing what comes naturally; any will do: Hunting cats, sheep, rabbits, birds, cows. etc.; Operating in Pack formation; Playing and sometimes fighting to determine the hierarchy; Digging dens and escape tunnels; Rolling in muck(preferably human) Howling to locate soulmates and to express mood.

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