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Siberian Husky entries in main races of 2009

FEMUND 400 6 Feb.20:00

6. Tolga - Röros 85 km.
Team Pos. Time
Leader 1 8:03
Cato L. 25 10:07
Kari H. 40 10:56
Trond H. 43 10:38
Håkan N. 48 14:56
Sigmund A. 53 scrat
Catherine M. 51 09:46

5. Tynset - Tolga 30 km.
Team Pos. Time
Leader 1 2:29
Cato L. 26 2:38
Kari H. 44 2:37
Håkan N. 43 3:06
Trond H. 47 2:50
Sigmund A. 53 4:30
Catherine M. 56 2.35
Jon Inge H. 66 scratc

4. Sövollen - Tynset 70 km
Team Pos. Time
Leader 1 6:21
Cato L. 28 7:43
Kari H. 45 8:01
Håkan N. 44 9:03
Trond H. 47 8:35
Sigmund A. 53 9:39
Catherine M. 56 8:58
Pascal 61 scratch
Jon Inge H. 66 0:0

3. Femundvika - Sövollen
Team Pos. Time
Leader 1 5:13
Cato L. 27 6:13
Stig T. 62 scratc
Kari H. 50 6:28
Håkan N. 34 7:09
Catherine M. 61 6:30
Pascal 55 5:58
Jon Inge H. 71 10:02
Sigmund A. 48 7:34
Trond H. 49 7:22
Rune M. 53 scratch

2. Tufingdal - Femundvika

Team Pos. Time
Leader 01 3:51
Cato L. 35 4:24
Stig T. 62 5:01
Kari H. 56 4:41
Håkan N. 61 5:56
Catherine M. 64 5:18
Pascal 59 4:50
Jon Inge H. 70 5:37
Sigmund A. 66 5:05
Trond H. 68 5:22
Rune M. 53 6:36

1. Röros - Tufsingdalen

Team Pos. Time
Leader 01 4:27
Cato L. 20 5:05
Stig T. 51 5:40
Kari H. 46 5:44
Håkan N. 55 5:44
Catherine M. 70 5:44
Pascal 73 5:50
Jon Inge H. 63 5:51
Sigmund A. 65 5:59
Trond H. 71 6:05
Rune M. 53 6:16

Femund 600 - 5 February
start number:
09. Karsten Grönås
28. Nisse Uppström
41. Erik Alexander Greger
50. Pierre Antoine Heritier
56. Henrik Stachnau (AM)

Femund 400
1. Pascal Rebord
2. Håkan Nisula
3. Kari Solvang Hope
4. Catherine Mathis
5. Jon Inge Hörsandlien
6. Trond Hansen
7. Stig Torp
8. Rune Moen
9. Sigmund Alhaug
10. Cato Lunde
11. Ingar Helstrup (Greenlnd)
12. Arnar Lyche (Greenlnd)

Yukon Quest
- 14 Feb.
1. Mike Ellis

Yukon Quest 300
1. Karen Ramstead
2. Mark Ramstead

3. Spencer Thew

- 7 March
1. Blake Freking All Sibe?
2. Rob Loveman
3. Blake Matray

1000 - 7 March
1. Isabelle Travadon
2. Jana Henychova

Finnmarkslöpet 500
1. Fredrik Filander
2. Jaco Alex Ulmann All sibe? 3. Dariusz Morsztyn

Amundsen Race - 27 March
1. Malin Sundin
2. Catherine Mathis
3. Pierre Antoine Heritier
4. Karsten Grönås
5. Anders Hörnlund
6. Birgitta Sandin
7. Torbjörn Öhrström
8. Marc Olivier Ryter



Some impressions

The dogs home again Caring for the team at Femundsvika
No appetite (photo by Fredrik Filander) Waiting for the start, (photo Femundlöpet site)

FEMUNDLÖPET - see also the websites of Femundlöpet, Amundsen Race and Team Norway. Resultservice Femund 600 and Femund 400

9 February 23:00
Congratulations to Pierre Antoine Heritier on finishing the Femund 600!
9 February 16:00
Though there are still teams of Alaskans out on the trail to Röros, Catherine Mathis and her Siberian team have passed the finishline after a great run from Tolga. She came in as nr. 51 with her entire team of 8 dogs, a great accomplishment! Sigmund Alhaug sadly had to scratch on the final stretch as he had 1 dog in the sled and 4 dogs left in the team. The number of scratched SH teams has thereby come to 5.
There are still som very nice races coming up this season such as P-löpet, Polar Distans Finnmarkslöpet and Amundsen Race, so hopefully all the teams will be there again. Long distance running is like a puzzle; all the pieces have to fit, whether it is feeding, training, health, weather, trailconditions, driver. If one piece doesn't fit, the puzzle cannot be completed. It is what makes long distance racing such a challenge.

In the Femund600, Pierre Antoine Heritier has not given up on the challenge and is presently on his way to the finishline. We wish him luck.

To all the teams which made it to Röros, we say HAT OFF, WELL DONE!! and to all the teams who had to scratch: NEXT TIME BETTER!

Thank you for following our journal on the Femundlöpet 2009.

Karsten and the team have come home safe and sound. The dogs have been running free in the yard, loosening up some stiff muscles. They have gotten lots of food with their appetite back in place and are enjoying new straw in their dog houses. Karsten has gotten some good nights of sleep, a shower and loads of food as well. Seems they all are recovering. Will put up some pictures of the race in the next couple of days.

Once again, a big THANK YOU to Fredrik Filander of kennel Arktisk Storm and Frode Bakke of Isslottet Kennel for a great handler job!

9 February 11:30
Håkan Nisula from Sweden has made it to the finish as well. On his team is Swedish Showchampion ánd Swedish Siberian Husky of the Year 2007-2008 "Koryak" (by Ukko av Vargevass x Team Vacha Star).

9 February 10:30
Also Kari Hope and Trond Hansen have made it into Röros. Kari finished in 40. place and Trond H. as nr. 43. Both teams improved several placings on the final stretch. Håkan Nisula is expected in, as well as Sigmund A., who has only 5 dogs left in the team, and Catherine Mathis from France, who is driving with a full 8-dog team.

In the Femund600, Pierre Antoine has made it to Tolga in a good time after many hours of rest at Tynset. Hendrik Stachnau of Germany has scratched with his mostly Alaskan Malamute team.

9 February 3:30
In F400 the first SH team has crossed the finishline in 25th place. Congratulations to Cato Lunde, Frode Bakke and Öystein Martinsen! The field of SH teams is reduced to 6 teams. Finishing a race of this kaliber, is a great achievement in itself!

In the F600 Pierre Antoine Heritier is still parked in Tynset. When the team comes to Tolga, 30 km. from Tynset, they have to take the 6 hours mandatory rest.

  Cato Lunde with Isslottet's Siberian Huskies

8 February 17:30
In the Femund400, the team of Cato Lunde has just started out on the last 85 km. to the finishline in Röros. If all goes well, Cato will be finishing as the best Siberian Husky team and is currently in 26th. place. He has a three hours lead on the closest SH teams of Håkan Nisula and Kari Hope, who will be allowed to leave Tolga a quarter past eight. Few words about his dogs: Five of his dogs are coming from Frode Bakke's Isslottet kennel and two from Öystein Martinsen, whose kennel is based on Frode's dogs. On the team is among others Vikerkollen's Earl (Geir av Vargevass x Isslottet's Raya). Earl ran last year the PolarDistans 160 km. to 5th place and in 2007 the Polar Distans 300. On the team are also two 9-year old veterans: Isslottet's Pondus and Isslottet's Teddy.

Sigmund Alhaug has just arrived at Tolga with 5 dogs left in 53th place and will be resting there for 6 hours. Catherine Mathis has left Tynset and is on her way to Tolga with still all 8 dogs left in the team. Pascal Rebord has come into Tynset after a tough trip and has scratched there.

In the Femund600 has Pierre Antoine H. arrived in Tynset, but has not yet headed out to Tolga.

8 February 13:00 hours
While on the Femund400 more SH teams have come in and out of Tynset, we can report that in Gafsele the Swedish Championships in Sprint and Mid-Distance are done. We congratulate Nina Filander with a great win in the Mid-distance Unlimited Category! Her total time over 3 days was: 5:57:49 that was 10 minutes ahead of her nearest competitor. Nina started with only 8 dogs in the team on the first day while her competitors had 12-dog teams at the start of the race! See full results at the site of the Swedish Sleddogsports Organization

8 February 11:30
In the F600 the SH team of Pierre Antoine has left Grimsbu at 08:21 with still 11 dogs left. He is now on the way back to Tynset a stretch of 90 km. Most mushers are driving right through Tynset to Tolga, where they have to take another 6 hours mandatory rest. Robert Sörlie is done with his 6 hours rest at Tolga and on his way to the finish.

In the F400 race, Cato Lunde has come into Tolga where he has to take 6 hours rest. He is the first Siberian Husky team in Tolga and currenly in 26th place. He is driving a great race and used only 9 minutes more to Tolga than the leading team of Kristin Aasheim. Cato has 7 dogs left in the team. Håkan Nisula who is driving the team of Anders Hörnlund has left Tynset now after a run of 9 hours into Tynset. He is laying as 2nd best SH team. In Håkan's team are some offspring of Ukko av Vargevass and Ewok.
Many teams are down to 7 dogs and some to 6. Of the purebred teams, only Catherine Mathis of France and Trond Hansen have full teams left. Rune Moen has scratched in Sövollen after a run of 9:33. Now there are 8 SH teams left in the race.

7 February 22:00
On the Femund 400, most teams have come into Sövollen now, where they take the 8 hours mandatory rest. All SH teams, except for 1 are still in the race. Stig Torp decided to scratch upon arrival in Sövollen though he had a good run time of 6h.42min. Don't know the reason. Birgit Alhaug reported me that Sigmund will be dropping 1 dog in Sövollen. Swiss Pascal Rebord had the fastest SH time into Sövollen. On his team are dogs from Jedeye kennel as well as Toppers av Vargevass a 2,5 year son of Grubian x Libby.

On the Femund 600, Nisse Uppström has scratched due to having to carry 2 dogs in the sled when he was about 30 km. out from Tynset and still had 90 km. left to Grimsbu. Unfortunately for the race, the field of Siberian Husky teams is thereby reduced to only 1. The team of Swiss Pierre Antoine Heritier is currently on its way to Grimbsu. The Alaskan Malamute team of Henric Stachnau is still in the race though on last position and 3 hours behind on the last comers of Alaskan teams.

Karsten and the team are safe and sound home. It is quite a snow weather and the dogs are sure happy to be back in their straw.

7 February 17:20
Some updates on the Femund 400 are to be found in the column on the left. The center column is stating the position of the team into the checkpoint, the column of the right is mentioning the run time. Most SH teams are on their way to Sövollen now. Cato Lunde who is driving dogs of Frode Bakke, has reached Sövollen in 27th. position and is so far the only SH team in. He is driving a very good race so far. Probably most teams will take their mandatory rest at Sövollen, 212 km. in the race. Both Greenland dog teams have scratched on their way to Femundsvika.

7 February 16:00

The two remaining Siberian Husky teams in the 600 race are on their way to Grimsbu now, the longest stretch in the race of 120 km. with again many climbs ahead. When they reach Grimsbu they have totally covered 412 km. Both Nisse and Pierre have 11 dogs in the team left. Nisse went out at 13:07h. and Pierre at 15:13.

7 February 12:30
Karsten just phoned from Tynset. After a long and tiring run on a loose trail, he came into Tynset at 07:20 hours. If the run would have been without the team parking, he had expected to be in around 04:00 hours, but as three dogs had to be taken into the sled it made the sled top heavy and function like an anker. It took such a long time to make place in the sled for the thrid dog that the team decided to rest down and sleep. Exxon had stiffened up in his shoulder and had stomach problems, while Robert got problems with his right frontleg swelling up and Sujoz was stiff. The team was generally not itself, with several dogs coughing and they didn't want to take snacks during the run. Karsten mentioned that already on the first run to Tufsingdalen several dogs declined to take snacking. It is not a good sign that even the dogs who usually have good appetite didn't want to eat. We hope they will recover after some good sleep and will be welcoming the team home soon. Dogs ánd Karsten had a hard journey with many climbs in deep, loose track with a heavy sled. While pushing the heavyloaded sled, he was wondering many times when the race was going to be fun, as the many climbs and loose track killed all pleasure of driving a race like this. But then again, that will probably all be forgotten next year...:-)

7 February 07:00 hours
Karsten reported to Fredrik that the team has taken the mandatory a bit too early in the race :-), as they are parked 6 km. before checkpoint Tynset. Karsten had two dogs in the sled and when he had to put in a third dog, it took so long to get place for him, that the team decided to park. There was no way in getting them on the move again, so there is no point in carrying on. The soft trail, seemed to have taken its toll on the dogs motivation. Karsten said the dogs were very tired and not feeling well. I haven't heard yet which dogs were loaded in the sled, but Fredrik reported that Isa and Spot were coughing very badly when going out from Sövollen. In the interest of the dogs, Karsten scratches in Tynset.
We wish the other 2 remaining Siberian Husky teams best of luck.
Eric Greger decided to scratch after Femundsvika.

6 February 20:30 hours
Nisse Uppstrom is taking up the chase to Karsten and left Sövollen at 20:05 after having rested 2h. and 56 min. Like Karsten, Nisse has 11 dogs left in the team and he used only 11 minutes more than Karsten on the 70 km. stretch to Sövollen. Because of his move, Nisse climbed from 25th to 19th. position, while Karsten is now in 13th place.

6 February - 19:00 hours
Karsten has left checkpoint Sövollen at 18:58 after a 3,5 hours rest in 13th position. He left with 11 dogs. He carried Peikon in the sled during most of the way to Sövollen. Peikon's bad appetite and sore wrist bothered him, so Karsten decided it was best to take him out. The team is now on its way to Tynset where they will take the 8 hours mandatory rest. It is another 70 km. to Tynset, and 282 km. in the race.

6 February 18:00 hours
Also Nisse Uppström and Pierre Heritier have come into Sövollen. These teams had very close run times with only 1 min. apart. Pierre used 6h.16min. Nisse left Femundsvika 3/4 hour before Pierre and was in at Sövollen at 17:09 hours, while Pierre came in at 17:55. Nisse is currently in 25. place and Pierre in 27. Both Nisse and Pierre have 11 dogs left in team. The 3 Siberian Husky teams are resting now, while Eric G. is on his way to Sövollen.

6 February: start Femund 400 at 20:00 hours and SM in Gafsele.
Team Vargevass is being assisted by dedicated handlers Fredrik Filander and Frode Bakke. This evening a team of Frode's dogs will be starting on the Femund400 with driver Cato Lunde and we wish them a great race as well as all the other 9 Siberian Husky teams! While we are fully taken by the Femundlöpet, Fredrik's spouse Nina Filander is driving like the wind at the Swedish Championships in Gafsele! She started with 8 dogs in the Unlimited Middle Distance Category and had the fastest time in her class after day 1, while her competitors ran with 12 dogs. Have a look at the site of the Swedish Draghundsportforbundet for full results. On Nina's team are among others Sverre & Hulk Håkon av Vargevass, former kennel members Nymånens Ixius and Curry. Arktisk Storm Viggo and Hannibal. Way to Go Nina!!

6 Feb. 15.30 hours
Karsten and the team reached Sövollen at 15:30 hours in pos. 18. The team had left Femundsvika at 9:20 hours this morning (and thus not at 07:57 as mentioned on the resultservice) and were in pos. 15 from Femundsvika. Fredrik reported that the dogs looked well.

6 Feb. 13.00 hours
The teams of Nisse U. and Pierre H. have left Femundsvika. Nisse left at 10:52 and Pierre at 11.39 hours. Eric Greger came into Femundsvika at 11:14 hours, after a run of 5 hours and 47 minutes. Henric Stauchnau with his Malamutes has also come in. The front runners are dropping into the 3. Checkpoint in the race Sövollen.

6 February 09:45 hours
The team of Nisse Uppström has arrived at Femundsvika at 08:44 hours with a run time of 4 hours. 20 min. and presently taking 32. position, before Pierre Antoine Heritier from Switzerland who came in at 08:48 hours in 35. position. Eric Greger and Henrik Stachnau are still on their way to Femundsvika.

Karsten leaving Femundsvika
photo by Annica Uppström

6 February 08:00 hours
The team arrived as nr. 16 in checkpoint Femundsvika at 07.45 am. after a run time of 3 hours and 57 minutes. The leader pack has been using 3 hours and 35 minutes for this stretch. Karsten left Femundsvika with all 12 dogs after a short stop and is now on his way to Sövollen, another 70 km. He went out as nr. 4, but that doesn't say so much in this stage of the race.

6 February - 02:00 hours
Karsten arrived in Tufsingdalen at 01:01 am; earlier than planned and expected. Conditions are good and the front drivers have been running ca. 45 minutes faster than last year. Due to the restart, the team will leave at 3:48 am and is somewhere in the morning expected to Femundsvika. The other Siberian Husky team into Tufsingdalen at the time of writing is Nisse Uppström's. Haven't got more reports as of yet. Don't know the conditions of the dogs.

5 February - 21.45 hours
The resultservice of Femundlöpet is to find here, but you can also find it on the Swedish/Norwegian version of Amundsen Race website. Thanks Richard Ryderstedt for the tip.

5 February - 20.00 hours
The race is on and 44 teams are on their way to Tufsingdalen, the first checkpoint after 75 km. in the race. Karsten's always cheerful and positive handler Fredrik Filander could tell me that musher and team were in for a little show at the start in the crowded streets of Röros. Karsten had put in two snowankers and a panic-line to hold the team and when he was just about to start, but not quite, the team decided it was time to go. Luckily two officials and friend Bernhard Schuchert were hanging on to the sled for dear life and managed to stop the team after 30 metres. Thanks guys! Hopefully this was enough circusing for this edition of Femundlöpet and all the rest will go smoothly now :-).

A 12-dog team has a lot of power for sure. The twelve chosen dynamites are: Nathan, Noa, Barney, Grubian, Sujoz, Exxon, Peikon, Dante, Robert, Glimmer, Spotted and Isa. Unfortunately, we cannot say the team is injury free as both Nathan and Peikon have been struggling with sore wrists this winter and Barney and Exxon have had shoulder problems, probably related to harness rubs. We got some neoprene t-shirts for the dogs, thanks to kennel Kipp d'Amundsen, which should protect the dogs from more soreness. Putin, who was for sure counted on the team, teared his pad on the last training before the race and is cheering for the team from home. We hope Glimmer will do a glimmerous job as his substitute. We hope all will do well and no bad luck is hiding out on the trail. More later, when there is more to report from Karsten's handlers; Frode Bakke of Kennel Isslottet and Fredrik Filander of kennel Arktisk Storm.

26 January
Femundlöpet is starting on Thursday 5th of February. With only little over a week left, the house is transformed into a workshop were sleds are being modified, new lines are being tied, booties are being sorted, harnesses checked over and mandatory equipment dugged out. Each year it's the same procedure and each year we ask ourselves why we didn't start the preparations earlier...

The dogs are having more spare time now since the hardest training is behind. They are only out for short runs of ca. 40 km. and enjoy being loose in the play yard on the days of rest. They are full of energy and we hope all will be fit for the long journey ahead. It has still not been decided which 12 will be following with to Röros, but it is safe to take the team's 'cornerstones' like Nathan, Barney, Grubian, Putin, Noah, Bayly, Exxon and Sujoz with. The other half of the mainstring are rookies as this is the first serious long distance season for Robert, Dante, Glimmer, Bebis, Isa, Ulva, Spot and Raggen. An exciting bunch. We will try to keep the site up to date during the race with news from both the Femund 400 and 600. Stay tuned.

Frekkis and Tug Free hour in the yard
Raggen, Glimmer, Nathan   Peikon

12 January
This weekend we attended the first race of the season. The local division of the Swedish Polar Dog Club held its club championships in sprint and middle distance at the trails of Lillholmsjö Camping. With Lillholmsjö only being a 27 km. drive for us, it is a luxury to have a race so close to home and it was one of the reasons we decided to enter. Usually we have to drive several hundred kilometres to a race.
Totally were more than 100 teams entered both mixed breds and purebreds and the nationalities of Sweden, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and even Russia were represented
The main team of the kennel was entered for the middle distance unlimited class over
2 x 46 km. The team had been on two tough trainingtrips of 100 km. on both Monday and Tuesday before the race, a more relaxt trip of 45 km. on Thursday and got a rest on Friday as 'load-up' for the race. It is Femundlöpet the team is meant to peak on. Karsten started with 14 dogs on day 1. They had a good run considering the warm temperatures and they finished in 2 hours 13 minutes and 48 sec. Day 2 was even warmer with temperatures above zero and it took the team 2 hours and 19 minutes. The dogs did a great job considering the warm temperatures and a trail which they know inside and out and which they had to go around in 2 laps.
The final results were as following:
1. Karsten ----------------- 2:13:48 - 2:18:59 - Total 4:32:47
2. Torbjörn Ohrström
-- 2:18:47 - 2:23:10 - Total 4:41:57
3. Manfred Witschel --- 2:21:19 - 2:29:25 - Total 4:50:44
4. Richard Ryderstedt- 2:38:
14 - 2:31:46 - Total 5:10:00

The limited class (6 dogs) middle distance ran the same mileage as the unlimited class. We congratulate Nina Filander of kennel Arktisk Storm on her nice result. Her team, - consisting of Nymånens Ixius and Mercurius (by Ewok), Sverre and Hulk Håkon av Vargevass, former kennel member Goofy and Arkisk Storm Viggo - won its class and their time was faster than some of the unlimited teams: 2:20:50 - 2:27:51 Total: 4:48:11

Nina's 14 year old daughter Tanya competed with among others Rolex and Swatch av Vargevass in the 4 dog class for Juniors over 10 km. She won her class out of 4 and would have placed as nr. 5 out of 20 if she would have been competing in senior class.
Total time: 44:40

In the sprint class we also entered a 6 dog team as a training for the yearlings. Pikku Mörkki, Tjalling, Frekkis and Certina ran their first race led by Libby and Myggen. The youngsters were impressed by all the hectic going on at the race, but tackled it well.
On the first day, I bootied 5 out of 6 dogs as most of them had gotten sour feet with splits over the last month which had difficulties to heal. The run was worth for improvement with several shit stops and consequently over-tramp. After the first day, I decided to take out Frekkis of the team who seemed to have a pain in his pastern. With a time of totally 1:09:57 we ended in 10. place of 14 over 13,5 km. It was great learning for the youngsters and for myself being my second sprint race.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and the Swedish Polar Dog Club, division Nedre Norra for a great event and to Nils Erik and Elsa of Lillholmsjö Gästis.
For full results, see SPHK Nedre Norra's website here.


FEMUND 600 - 5 February 20.00 hrs.

8. Tolga - Röros 85 km.
Position (BIB nr) time in time used
1. Robert Sörlie 19:44 9h. 58
23 Pierre H. (50) 22:34* 8h. 25
*following day

7. Tynset - Tolga 30 km.

Position (BIB nr) time in time used
1. Robert Sörlie 03:45 3h.23
23 Pierre H. (50) 07:49* 2h.13
* following day

6. Grimsbu - Tynset 90 km.

Position (BIB nr) time in time used
1. Robert Sörlie 00:17 6h.59
22 Pierre H. (50) 16:12 7h.51

5. Tynset - Grimsbu 130 km. Total 412
Position (BIB nr) time in time used
1. Robert Sörlie 16:54 10h.28
22 Pierre H. (50) 2:28 11h. 15

4. Sövollen - Tynset 70 km. Total: 282 km
Position (BIB nr) time in time used
1. Robert Sörlie 22:26 7h.27
21 Nisse U. (28) 05:07 9h 02
27 Pierre H. (50) 07:09 08h22
Karsten (9) scratch scratch

3. Femundsvika - Sövollen 70 km.
Position (BIB nr) time in time used
1. Sigrid Ekran 12:22 4h 48
16 Robert Sorli (39) 14:57 4h 57
18 Karsten (9) 15:26 6h 06
25 Nisse U. (28) 17:09 6h 17
27 Pierre H. (50) 17:55 6 h 16
41 Eric G. (41) scratch scratch

2. Tufsingdalen - Femundsvika 70 km.
Position (BIB nr) time in time used
1. Pete Jahnsen 06:53 3h 35
3. Robert Sorli (39) 06:57 3h 40
16. Karsten (9) 07:45 3h 57
32. Nisse U. (28) 08:44 4h 20
35. Pierre H. (50) 08.48 4h 42
41. Eric G. (41) 11:14 5h 47

1. stretch Röros - Tufsingdalen 75 km.

Position (BIB nr) time in time used
1. Stefan Falter 00:54 4h 26
13 Robert Sorli (39) 01:00 4h 28
15. Karsten (9) 01:01 4h 54
35 Pierre H. (50) 01:57 5h 17
34 Nisse U. (28) 01:56 5h 32
43 Eric G. (41) 06:39 6h 12

Pikku, Tjalling, Frekkis and Certina

Four on a row:
Raggen, Enok, Grubian & Nathan

Frekkis, suits his name

Tjalling having fun with his stick

The team at the race in Lillholmsjö

Mid distance race Lillholmsjö
2 x 46 km. 1. place.

Training trip at Lillholmsjö,
photo by Claes Arvidsson

Swedish Specialty winner Robert in lead together with main leader Nathan. On the right in point, Swedish Specialty winner of 2005: Sujoz av Vargevass

Nordviken's Glimmer (by Sujoz)

Noal and Grubian in lead.

Main leader Nathan av Vargevass

Brothers Pikkumörkki, Frekkis & Tjalling

Gunnhild av V. owned by Ylwa Malmberg

Siberian Husky Specialty, 13 Sept. 2008
Robert, Best Male, BOB/BIS

Dante, 3. in Working Class Males

Isa, 2. in Working Class, 3rd. Best Female

Gunnhild, 3. in Working Class Females

Leo, 2. in Open Class Males

SPHK NEDRE NORRA, 17 August 2008

Isa, 1. prize CK 3rd. Best Female

Dante, 1. Working Class Male CK
Best Male, BOS with CAC

Mörkki in happier times, nov. 2007

Dante at the SPHK NN show, BOS

BOB left and Dante BOS right
Photos by Jachym Lukes

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